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Marland Pessary is used to relieve the symptoms of a second or third-degree uterine prolapse, a cystocele, or a rectocele. This pessary’s elevated platform may also relieve stress urinary incontinence.

It has a unique shape design and two durometers at the folding section is easy for insertion and removal. The new version comes without a side membrane for decreasing odor and accumulations of vaginal discharges and secretions, which is more comfortable and provides better maintenance of personal hygiene for patients. 

Marland Pessary comes with or without support for the hollow center. Both types are available in 7 sizes.

It is a Latex-Free product.

Please note that there may be a variance of up to +/- 3mm in size of certain pessaries.

*Some Pessaries may come powdered with food-grade powder and need to be cleaned as per instructions for use guide provided with Pessary prior to use.